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Volunteer Opportunities

Our Mission

Camp Counselor

All of our paid Camp Counselors are Tribal members.  Volunteer Camp Counselors can come from any background.  We have had volunteer Counselors from all over the country!  The minimum commitment for volunteer Camp Counselors is one full session. You must have a current background check and have positive experience with children, enjoy camping, like animals, be an active, outdoors person, and be certified in First Aid/CPR. 



Minimum commitment is one full session. You must be a certified lifeguard.  Lake life guarding experience is preferable but all lifeguarding experience is valued.

Our Mission

Guest Presenter

Guest presenters share their experience in many different areas related to nature, animals and outdoor activities.   Some examples include Search and Rescue Dog Teams, Guide Dogs & Other Service Animals, those experienced in Natural Horsemanship, Canoeing instructors, Orienteering instructors,  and much more.


Logistical Support

We need help with moving canoes to the lakes, moving cargo trailers with camping equipment to and from the campsite, picking up food and other supplies and getting these to the campsite,  and more.  If you have a vehicle that can haul canoes, paddleboards, or a cargo trailer, or if you can help pick up and deliver food and other supplies to our campsite, please consider volunteering!

Our Mission

Fundraising Events and/or Grant Writing

To offer Camp to more youth, we need help raising more funds. If you are an experienced grant writer or fundraiser, please consider helping us. If you would like to organize a fund-raising event for Camp wherever you live, please contact us.


Contact Us

Email us at to discuss volunteer opportunities.

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