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Camp Laugh A Lot is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to providing free summer camp opportunities for children from the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Children who would not otherwise have the opportunity to go to camp, and seldom have the chance to spend time in the Black Hills (an area sacred to their Tribe but no longer part of the Reservation), benefit from the nurturing environment at Camp. Camp Laugh A Lot provides Lakota children with opportunities for fun, active times outdoors, nature study and appreciation, learning indigenous and other knowledge about the natural world, building positive relations, and understanding that every individual has something special to give and everyone can make a difference.

Our Situation

Camp Laugh A Lot began as a small-scale, all-volunteer effort in 2001. It was legally established as a non-profit corporation in the State of South Dakota in February, 2007.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer camp to 100 children every summer, and to increase this by 30 children every summer until we never have to turn a child away who wants to go to camp.

Our Commitment to Grow Until No Child Is Left Behind

We are committed to ensuring that someday every child on the Pine Ridge Reservation will have the opportunity to experience carefree days full of fun and adventure at camp at least once in their lifetime. As we grow, we will encourage more return campers, and will offer a variety of camping experiences with increasingly advanced nature and animal study programs for different age groups.

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